Fertig gelesen: Fietsparkeren bij Stations

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The Netherlands realized around 2000 that they have a problem with bike parking around train stations, and with parking around stations in general. A program was set up to fix that, assuming things would be done with in ten years. The program was a great success, and people taking the bike to use the train, and to use a bike after they arrived at their destination by train increased greatly. This created more needs, and so the program is, changed, still active today.

Fietsparkeren bij Stations , Folkert Piersma and Wout Ritzema

The book talks, in one chapter each, about analyzing customer needs, the history of the program, guidelines and goals, the plannning process, typical bike parking facilities, architecture and design, investment costs, facility operations, technical resources, innovative solutions and finally an outlook.

The effect of all this can be seen around about any dutch train stations: Not only is the sea of bikes around the train stations gone despite more people arriving by bike at the train than ever before, also the quality of the area around the train stations improved. The dark and seedy underpasses and the general feeling of insecurity around many train stations areas in other cities is not present here.

The book explains how all of this is not an accidental outcome, but the result of a process that has been run for two decades with clear goals, working evaluation and continous improvement. A must read for anybody interested in infrastructure at all.

Fietsparkeren bij Stations ”, Folkert Piersma and Wout Ritzema, EUR 29.40 Hardcover