Fertig gelesen: The Kaiju Preservation Society

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On an alternate earth alternate biology produces beings that can grow up to 150 meters tall and that are powered by natural biological nuclear reactor: The Kaiju. Whenever anything, humans or Kaiju, uses nuclear energy, the boundary between the alternate realities is weakened and things can cross over. That happened the first time late in the second world war, and that is how the legend of Godzilla came into the world.

The Kaiju Preservation Society , John Scalzi

It’s Covid times, it’s New York, and Jamie got fired from his management position of a delivery service and has to deliver things himself now. Doing that, he meets an old acquaintance of him, which offers him a… different job. The job turns out to involve secrecy, a dimensional portal and working in an alternate world in which he meets things that usually live in SciFi novels.

This is a fun read, from a fun Scalzi from earlier times woken up again. Doubly so when contrasted with the rather exhausting Interdependency. Action, Dad joke puns and an improbable premise delivered masterfully, with the parts clicking nicely into each other.

A strong recommendation, and time well spent.

The Kaiju Preservation Society ”, John Scalzi, EUR 8.99 on Kindle