MySQL: The Million Challenge

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
September 10, 2021
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A long-standing idea that I have is to test the servers limits: How does it fail and break if there are very many of a thing? Previously that was too easy, because many structures were constructed in a way that it was obvious they would not scale. But with MySQL 8 many things were overhauled, so let’s see what we can make many of and see how the server fares.

The Million Challenge

Database servers are programs that are built to handle a lot of data. A million rows in a table are not a problem, and searching one in a million rows neither, because the server has structures that make this fast.

But is the database server using these structures internally in an efficient way and can it handle a lot of tables, schemas, views, users, grants, roles and so on?

What can we try?

  • Make a million tables and see how performance degrades or not.
    • Will this work better if we use general tablespaces instead of file-per-table?
  • Make a million views, all pointing to the same table.
  • Nest views, one million deep.
  • Make a million stored procedures.
    • Make a million stored procedures, calling each other in a chain.
  • Make a many triggers? Is that even possible?
  • Make a million users.
    • Make a million grants. This one is dear to my heart - we have this at work in one environment, and it broke the server in an exciting and hard to fix way. GRANT statements in the processlist and SHOW PROCESSLIST running concurrently raced badly.
    • Make a million concurrent connections. Well, no, but I have seen 60.000 already, and it was not pretty. This failed in interesting ways, because monitoring was joining against P_S.THREADS and fell over badly.
  • Make a million users, using roles.
    • Make a million roles.

Any other ideas that fit the general theme?