Dave Addey ran a Tumblr once, titled “Typeset in the Future”, in which he dissected the typography of Science Fiction films. This has been turned into the eponymous book.

Typeset in the Future, Dave Addey

In 2013, Addey nerded over the fonts in a Science Fiction movie and discovered it was a Eurostile variant (“Eurostile Extended Bold”). He started a Tumblr about this, and in great detail went through a number of movies, and about every sign, letter and font used in there. The Tumblr became quite successful, and he turned the most important posts into a book, adding a lot of images with examples and a number of interviews and essays to it.

Table of Contents

The ebook is a joy to read on anything but a Kindle - I did on a 10” iPad and it worked quite well. The dead tree edition would make an excellent conversation piece.