Fertig gelesen: A Kim Jong-Il Production

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August 3, 2021
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Paul Fischer writes “A Kim Jong-Il Production ”, a documentary the 1978 abduction of the famous South Korean actress Madam Choi, and her ex-husband, the filmmaker Shin Sang-Ok.

Before becoming the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il headed the Ministry for Propaganda. Dissatisfied with the talent available, he had the famous actress Choi Eun-Hee kidnammed. When her ex-husband started to investigate, he had him kidnapped in Hong Kong and transported to North Korea by ship.

Together, they made seven films for Kim Jong-Il, gaining his trust. During a research trip in Vienna they fled to the US embassy.

The book uses this true story to shed a light on life in North Korea, and to explain how it became the hermetically sealed country it is today.

The seventh film of Choi and Shin, Pulgasari , can be found on Youtube with english subtitles. It is a Godzilla-like monster tale, in which a rice toy of a blacksmiths daugther comes to life and turns into a giant metal-eating monster fighting for the rights of poor farmers in feudal Korea. When the monster eventually turns aganst the farmers, the blacksmiths daugther sacrifices herself killing the monster.

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