Fertig gelesen: Conan, The Barbarian

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
April 7, 2021
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Conan, The Barbarian by Robert E. Howard is a collection of all Conan stories.

Imaginary Worlds Ep 114: The Man Behind the Sword (Episode Transcript PDF ) discussed Robert E. Howard, his 1930’s character Conan, The Barbarian and how Howard’s Conan is different from the Schwarzenegger character, and a much deeper and more complicated story. Go, and listen to the episode, it is well worth the time.

Having seen the Schwarzenegger film, but never actually having read the book I went out and got this complete collection. The podcast was right, the original book Conan is much unlike the Schwarzenegger film Conan, and the book is fun to read. It’s a classic.

Conan, The Barbarian ”, Robert E. Howard, EUR 0.99