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May 25, 2020
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Gosund and Tasmota

In an earlier episode I asked for Plugs with Wi-Fi and ended up with Gosund and Tasmota . Considering this to be a success, I asked the Twitters for Temperature and Humidity Sensors. Of course, this got complicated.

Now that I have Powermeter Plugs everywhere: What are good sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 that can be tasmotified? Wi-Fi, http or mqtt?

I was pointed to Xiaomi Aqara , but these do not do Wi-Fi, but Zigbee - whatever that is, it is spoken by Zigbee USB Gateway Sticks and works with Raspi. We’ll see.

Christian Kahlo mentioned GY-BME280 Sensors, which can be connected to any ESP Tasmota device, and work with the “sensors”-Edition of Tasmota just fine. Worth a try. Jens Dibbern points to generic NodeMCU modules and BME Sensors again.

René Kerner recommends this talk , which may be relevant.

Wickelkranz points at the Aranet 4 , but 150 Euro is too much to play with it randomly. This would need more pre-buy research. The FAQ is not encouraging, but the Forums are helpful and point to Github .

Sascha Köhler recommends the Wemos D1 Mini Development Board and then a DIY sensor build.

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Gosund and Tasmota