Fertig gelesen: Change Agent

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
November 18, 2019
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Change Agent is Daniel Suarez fifth book.

As usual, he builds his stories around one technology or technological change and constructs an action-rich storyline around it. For “Change Agent”, this is CRISPR genetic modification of living beings. He basically imagines a programmable genetic agent that rewrites living beings including humans on the go - the eponymous change agent.

It’s 2045, and an Interpol Agent Kenneth Durand is trying to pursue the Huli Jing cartel, a criminal black market corporation that produces enhanced designer babies for rich prospectice parents. Huli Jing so far has proven to be able to completely evade any police action. As Durand tries to close in on Marcus Demag Wyckes, the cartel leader, he’s being attacked, injected with a drug and the change agent turns him into Wyckes, Face-Off-style. Through some unlikely circumstances Durand survives the procedure that was expected to kill him, and pursues the cartel.

This book has over the top action, interesting ideas and shallow characterisation. It’s a terribly written thing that could have been making an awesome summer blockbuster.

Change Agent ”, Daniel Suarez, EUR 6.99