Fertig gelesen: Murderbot Diaries

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
September 25, 2018
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Murderbot is a corporate owned killing machine, a secbot, a half-organic artificially intelligent android. Its purpose is to protect corporate assets - settlers and science teams - in hostile environments for as long as it makes economic sense.

All Systems Red

Due to an incident of an unclear nature, Murderbot manages to hack its governor module, which chains it to its owning corporation and prevents it from going rogue. So finally unleashed, there is nothing at all which can hold Murderbot back from…

… watching all the intergalactic soap operas its internal media memory could possibly hold. Because Murderbot wants nothing more than to be left alone and peacefully watch artificially sweetened human social interaction.

Unfortunately, this is impossible.

The books follow Murderbot through battles with other systems in a corporate dystopia, but also on a journey to discover what actually happened in that incident where it gained its freedom, it’s exploration of free will and free relationships, and how it builds something that resembles humanity.

Unique background, funny writing, money well spent.