Based on the analysis of a bunch of interviews with people from different lower-class social strata of society and at different times, we have an overview of what kind of clothing people owned, how they wore it, and where they saw themselves in society in the nineteenth century in Paris and London.

Fashion and Its Social Agendas

The text analyses the content of these interviews, relates them to different social theories on fashion, fashion adoption (i.e. are lower classes adopting the higher classes, modifying higher class fashion for their budgets and purposes?). What impact had work vs. leisure time on clothing and how did that change over time during the industrialisation? What influence had Paris on fashion in France and outside of France at this time? How is that different from today, in a world shaped by mass media?

Interesting (if you are interested in the topic ) analysis of fashion, female identity and the changes in society during the advent of modernity.

Fashion and Its Social Agendas: Class, Gender, and Identity in Clothing, Diana Crane, EUR 25.49