What does your Mac do on Startup? Knockknock knows.

It’s not properly updated for current versions of MacOS, but it is still useful. “git clone https://github.com/synack/knockknock” and “/usr/bin/python knockknock.py” is sufficient to test.


That’s quite a bit. Apparently, I am starting

  • Google Music Manager,
  • AirServer,
  • Karabiner,
  • Alfred 3,
  • a Chrome app_mode_loader,
  • the Android File Transfer Agent,
  • Dropbox, Divvy,
  • Expandrive,
  • Chrome itself,
  • Soundflower,
  • an AX88179 USB GBit Ethernet adapter driver,
  • Steam Drivers,
  • /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/org.chromium.chromoting.me2me.sh,
  • the Steam ipcserver,
  • the Expandrive Helper,
  • the Skype Helper,
  • the OnePasswordNativeMessageHost,
  • Expandrive exfs,
  • iStatMenus and
  • the iStatMenus Agents and Helpers,
  • Steamclean,
  • the GoogleSoftwareUpdateAgent,
  • Tunnelblick LaunchAtLogin.sh,
  • and finally an ethcheck Firmware checker.

So much Crap being loaded.