Fertig gelesen: Edgedancer

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
October 19, 2017
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Right now, one month before we get Oathbringer, the third part of The Stormlight Archive , we get Edgedancer. This is a Novella that previously was part of Arcanum Unbounded , a collection of short stories playing in the Cosmere . As a standalone Novella is has been expanded and is now 40k words long.

Edgedancer picks up the story of Lift , a scrappy Reshi thief that happens to bond with a Spren to follow the path of the Edgedancer. Because Lift also had contact with the Nightwatcher, she has interesting additional capabilities, among them to touch Spren and to turn food into Stormlight.

Lift is a vagabond and has no desire to attach herself to anybody or anything, she sees connection as a liability. This is aligned with the Agent-of-Change aspect of the Edgedancer path, but in conflict with the caring and healing aspects of the Edgedancer, and the story explores that in the casual way that is typical for Sandersons storytelling. Lift gets into a conflict with Nale , the damaged Herald of Justice, and manages to bring this story arc to conclusion as well.

Edgedancer ”, Brandon Sanderson, EUR 5.49