The inherent Asymmetry of online attacks

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
October 12, 2017
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Katie Moussouris explains teh Cyber and how it is asymmetric:

»"#Cassandra moment: Explaining that determining “cyber norms” in today’s world order misses emerging capabilities & motivations of new actors.

Forget “attribution”. Not what I mean.

Deterrence, state responsibility, etc in existing state context assumes most want to keep stability. Plenty of non-terrorist smaller states & non-state-non-criminal actors have or can acquire capabilities & would not be sanctionable, for example when we think through deterrence strategies, consider not just world order we have that prefers stability, but those who prefer destability.

We’re erroneously trying to defend against a magnetic power reversal of the N & S poles, but the cyberwar powers are everywhere & unaligned.

We miss the point if we think the answer is to contain those weapons/tools.

We hurt defense when we limit their distribution for analysis."«