Fertig gelesen: Attack of the 50 foot Blockchain

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
August 1, 2017
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The Blockchain is the solution to everything, and especially the problem of the state. So or similar goes the hype. This book attacks that hype, and it’s fun to read.

It very briefly (one chapter of many) and rather easily understandable explains what Merkle trees and eternal logfiles are, how they are different from the blockchain, what ‘proof of work’ actually means.

It then goes on and actually takes apart the libertarian politics bullshit on top of that, by going through all the history of people and “businesses” connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum and the likes. It is full of stories how they failed, were busted, or simply neglected basic necessities.

The book nicely separates out the useful tech part from the political propaganda, and deflates the entire hype around it (Hint: Most people want Merkle trees and a trusted institution, but think they need a Blockchain - they will end up with a blockchain, a centralized institution and a large energy bill).

Very much recommended, and also a nice present to give to the geek next to you who is exposed to libertarian propaganda bullshit and needs immunization.

Attack of the 50 foot BLOCKCHAIN ”, David Gerard, EUR 5.67