I> Good Morning!

M> And to you, too!

I> I hope you have a nice and technically reliable start into a new week full of hope!

I> Here, catch. https://github.com/mattly/bork

M> »A bash DSL for config management« And it’s not even chistmas, ye

I> “the Swedish Chef Puppet of Config Management. […] Bork is written against Bash 3.2 and common unix utilities such as sed, awk and grep. It is designed to work on any UNIX-based system and maintain awareness of platform differences between BSD and GPL versions of unix utilities.

I> Reinventing configure.in with root privilege!

M> When you’re happy with your config script, you can compile it to a standalone script which does not require bork to run. The compiled script can be passed around

M> Like Scabies.