Fertig gelesen: Explorations - First Contact

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
February 28, 2017
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Explorations: First Contact

Explorations: First Contact is a great concept well executed: This is a writing prompt anthology. So there is a base story - in this case, humanity sends a probe to the back side of the moon, finds an anomaly which turns out to be a dying alien spaceship that manages to upload the secrets of it’s drive and a partial database of other alien civilisations it once visited into the minds of the astronauts that make the contact.

With this information, earth builds a number of spaceships - one per anthology author - each of which heads off into a different direction to make a first contact between humanity and the alien. We get 13 takes on the topic of first contact, 13 authors, and 13 short stories. They start off with the same backstory, and the crews and ships reference each other loosely in the writeup, even if there are slight inconsistencies in timeline, human history backstory or drive speed and tech power. The stories vary in quality and originality, but are all on the better side of short story writing, and the concept is novel and entertaining. The delivery is well done.

Recommended, and since this seems to be a series of writing prompt anthology, research the others as well.

Explorations: First Contact Various Authors (incl Peter Cawdron) EUR 3,71 (Kindle , also unlimited)