Fertig gelesen: Dracula: The Modern Prometheus

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
November 30, 2015
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Ok. So I read earlier works from Rafael Chandler and while they have been grim und bloody they also have been light and funny. This one is different.


Chandler does a weird and impossible thing - he takes Frankenstein and Dracula and mixes and genderbends the two tales to create something else, which is unique - strangely depressing and entertaining at the same time. Reading this was no fun at all, and yet I was entertained. I knew the characters showing up, and yet they were new and different, but still themselves. I knew what was going to happen, and still was surprised by the turns and twists taken.

This is a classic horror disco, and Chandler DJ’s old and familiar stuff into something new with its very own and different rhythm. I have no idea if you will like this, but under 3 EUR this is a controllable risk. Try it out.

Dracula: The Modern Prometheus ”, Rafael Chandler¬†with a lot of help from Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, EUR 2.99