Künstler vs. Sony

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November 24, 2005
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Was sagen die Künstler, deren Werke von Sony mit dem illegalen Rootkit verschönert worden sind, dazu und was macht die Sony Affäre mit deren Einnahmen?

Businessweek schreibt:

Van Zant’s Get Right with the Man CD was released in May, but six months later it still was doing better-than-respectable business on Amazon.com. The album ranked No. 887 on the online retailer’s list of music sales on Nov. 2. … GROWING OUTRAGE. Overnight, Get Right with the Man dropped to No. 1,392 on Amazon’s music rankings. By Nov. 22 – after the news made headlines and Sony was deep into damage control, pulling some 4.7 million copy-protected disks from the market – Get Right with the Man was even further from Amazon’s Top 40, plummeting to No. 25,802.The wrath of fans killed Sony’s CD copy controls, with the company pulling 52 titles off retail shelves, beginning the week of Nov. 14. But the wrath of bands could be far worse for the company – and for efforts to protect content in general.

(via Julian Finn )

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