EFF vs. Sony

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
November 22, 2005
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Fred schickt mir den folgenden Link: EFF Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Sony BMG :

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), along with two leading national class action law firms, today filed a lawsuit against Sony BMG, demanding that the company repair the damage done by the First4Internet XCP and SunnComm MediaMax software it included on over 24 million music CDs….Both the XCP and MediaMax CDs include outrageous, anti-consumer terms in their “clickwrap” EULAs. For example, if purchasers declare personal bankruptcy, the EULA requires them to delete any digital copies on their computers or portable music players. The same is true if a customer’s house gets burglarized and his CDs stolen, since the EULA allows purchasers to keep copies only so long as they retain physical possession of the original CD. EFF is demanding that Sony BMG remove these unconscionable terms from its EULAs.

Wohl denen, die ihre Musik sicherheitshalber lieber eseln. Da sind die Risiken leichter einzuschätzen.