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Cooties! (Score:4, Funny) by jms (11418) on 6:36 8th February, 2004 (#8216611)

In order to understand SCOs theories, one must first understand the theory of cooties. Cooties are invisible ickies that can be transmitted, usually by touch, but often by mere association.

Under the Cootie theory of copyright and trade secret law, Linux looks like Unix, so now Linux has cooties. IBM touched Unix, thus giving cooties to AIX. JFS acquired cooties when it was ported to AIX, even though JFS didn’t have cooties when it was originally developed. Thus, Linux has cooties because it has AIX’s cooties which AIX got from staring cross-eyed at Unix. Linux has the same header lines as Unix, therefore Linux has Unix cooties. In conclusion, anyone touching Linux will get cooties and owe a cootie tax to SCO, which will soon have more money than Scrooge McDuck.

For more information, see “Everything I needed to know about intellectual property law I learned on the elementary school playground.”, by Darl McBride.