Sing my song

isotopp image Kristian Köhntopp -
March 1, 1998
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'tis night
while I am
with the green glow
and the white screens

and my mind
confined in 80 columns
and my body
confined in a dark room.

then I listen
to the song of the wire
and while I am still within the room
my mind breaks free and travels in 80 seconds into the world.

to meet other minds, other people, other worlds,
to talk, to fight, to understand and to love
whoever is out there, listening and answering my call:
the song of the wire is the song of the world.

                                 the frame of my mind
                                 in a frame on the wire,
                                 it is still singing
                                 but the song is now mine.

                                 so many songs,
                                 each telling the
                                 same story
                                 in a different way.

                                 the song of the world
                                 is nothing but noise,
                                 too many voices
                                 at the same time.

I am learning to listen, to find the voices
of those who are singing my song to a different tune.

and so it is still the same: 
                                 everything has changed.