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What will become of Hangouts?

Last year in August we got the news that Google is hating us all. And by that I do not just mean the new and “improved” Google plus sans Hangout integration and Search, but also their announcement to kill Chrome Apps for no reason at all instead of fixing the independent restart and focus problems.

For Hangouts, that means we are left with Which looks half Material Design and Half Gmail-Retro-Industrial. Also, the chat window is narrow, cannot be resized, and generally manages to transmit the vibe that Google has fired all UX and UI designers they never managed to talk to in the first place.

You can reach me on WhatsApp.


Sorting M&M

For all your M&M sorting needs…

So if you have a bag of M&M to sort, here is help.

It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to sort a 300 g bag of Skittles / M&M’s and sorts about 2 pieces per second. The machine is 250 mm in diameter and approximately 300 mm in height.


USAgile Testing Days – canceled

USAgile Testing Days canceled

USAgile Testing days in Boston are canceled:

Sadly, we have to inform you that we decided to cancel the conference due to the current political situation in the USA. Our hearts are bleeding, but we believe it is the right thing to do. The Agile Testing Days (ATDs) stand for diversity, openness, respect and support the observance of human rights. We despise any sort of hostility or harassment.

The behavior of the current US Government Authority is unacceptable for us and against our values and views. As international organizers we also aim at a diverse and international conference crowd – audience and speakers alike. Many people of the community are expressing their concerns, and even speakers are withdrawing from their attendance now.

All of them feel unconfident about the next months and are unsure of potential problems when entering the country, including us as organizers.

I am waiting for their announcement of an alternate Venue in Cancun.


Iron Sky: The Ark – Promo Teaser

Iron Sky: The Ark is a Chinese-Finnish-Canadian co-production and tells a story of two Chinese university dropout audiophiles who set out on a quest to decode a mysterious message received from the Moon, but find themselves fighting against the mother of all conspiracy theories – the secret organization Illuminati.

via Iron Sky on Google plus

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