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How Immigration Uncertainty Threatens America’s Tech Dominance

Actually, really bad.


The WSJ’s outlook on the american tech industry is not so good.

Actually, really bad.

Christopher Mims writes:

Venture capitalists, executives and engineers I spoke to consistently made the same argument: In 2017, politicians who try to unduly impede the free movement of tech workers stand to deprive their home country of revenue and employment, as well as all the additional support, service and administrative jobs each of those highly paid workers creates in a community.

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Maia seems to be Cities: Skylines in Space, in hard mode

Maia seems to be a “Cities: Skylines in Space” type of game, in hard mode. It is currently in Steam Early Access with mixed reviews, and it seems to be pretty weird.

How weird? This weird. That’s one before Dwarf Fortress, I presume.

If you are content with buying games outside of steam, it’s on sale right now. The I don’t want to live on this planet any more sale. “Because death in space is preferable to news right now.”

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Measles in Germany

Article in the FAZ (article in german): Two pupils attending a Gymnasium in Frankfurt got the measles. The vaccination records of 800 pupils are being checked. Youths without vaccination are being banned from attending school for safety reasons.

2016, 14 cases of measles have been registered in 2016, down from 70+ the year before. One girl died from complications (article in german), effectively killed by her parents denying her vaccination. Measles viruses can attack brain cells, and if the sickness progresses to that stage, it is always deadly.

Vaccination helps.


Racing our galaxy

Why is our galaxy moving through space, and into which directions is everything else moving?

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have been mapping these forces, and found a very empty region in space that seems to push a lot of galaxies away from it, as well as a (previously known) region thats attracting them.

The result looks like a billion light year magnet:

The dipole repeller

What causes these forces is as of now not well understood.

Original Paper in Nature Astronomy.

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Tumblr of the day

Tumblr of the day is… a wordpress, “A damsel in this dress”, for the blog title and for this image.

Sidesaddle on a motorbike is as awesome as the blog title.
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Damian Gryski on Go Slices and CPU Caches’s Damian Gryski on Go Slices and CPU caches (17 minutes, english language)

The dot Post: »Modern computers have multiple layers of caches between the processor and main memory. Algorithms which effectively use these caches can be orders of magnitude faster than those that don’t. Damian looks at how using slices can make your inner loops more cache friendly.«

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Renewable Energy in Europe

The European Comission just released a press release that shows and explains the use of renewable energy in Europe.

Having achieved a share of 16% renewables in its final energy consumption in 2014 and an estimated share of close to 16.4% in 2015, the EU as a whole is well on track to reach its 20% target by 2020. However, Member States will have to keep up their efforts in order to reach their national goals.


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