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Netways OSDC 2017: Something Openshift Kubernetes Containers

OSDC 2017 Registration
I will be speaking at the Netways Open Source Data Center Conference, which is in Berlin between May 16 and 18.

At work, we are currently busy loading our first two Kubernetes Clusters (Openshift actually) with workloads.

What exactly will be in the slides I do not know, yet, but it will be about our journey at Booking, the transition from automated baremetal provisioning of rather monolithic applications to a more containerized setup and the changes and challenges this brings. It will be very much a snapshot of the state of things at that point in time, and our learnings and perspective then.

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MySQL and encrypted connections

2006 slides by Rasmus Lerdorf

Since 5.0, MySQL does allow natively encrypted connections to the database, and supposedly also does support client certs for user authentication. Supposedly, because I never tried.

MySQL as a database performs well with transient connections as they are prevalent in two-tier deployments (mod_php, mod_perl, mod_python to database), in which a database connection is made upon web request, and the connection is torn down at the end of the request. This model does not scale so well with encryption in the mix, as on connection a full TLS/SSL exchange must be made.


How does the 8008 processor work?

The historic 8008 processor is 45 years old: It was released on the 13th of March 1972. Ken Shirriff has a blog post that explains features of the CPU, from a die photo.

Compared to modern CPUs, the 8008 is weird in multiple ways: The storage for the stack is on chip instead of in memory, and it is not accessed in linear order for weird transistor saving reasons.

Things have changed since then a lot, but back then, a central processing unit was usually not a single die, but a bunch of discrete electronics on a board. Having enough transistors on a single die to make up a CPU inside a chip was a novel concept.

Die photos and analysis of the revolutionary 8008 microprocessor, 45 years old

Reverse-engineering the surprisingly advanced ALU of the 8008 microprocessor

Analyzing the vintage 8008 processor from die photos: its unusual counters

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Docker Image Vulnerability Research

federacy reports “24% of the latest Docker images have significant vulnerabilities“.

The Report underlines the importance of running your own image building service and your own local registry when deploying Docker and Kubernetes.

And that includes the base operating system images, because the test above focused on latest images of official docker images of base operating system images, and known vulnerabilities in it. It lists last years vulnerabilities still being present in current images.

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