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Trump Method

Starships: They give up, how frustrating.

Supremacy, Kozlov, Epic, 6 Opponents, Moderate, All victories.

Zero Science planets, but one world with constantly rising city count. I am building everything there, and start a secondary Metals world and lacking Science, an Energy world, too.

Elodie (Yellow) almost dies early in the game and goes nowhere. Hutama (Orange) throws the towel and joins Kavitha (Red) of all teams. So do Barre (Green) and finally Elodie, too.

Due to the Energy flood I am having a fleet of 8x 400HP heavies with Plasmas and heavy Armor, Science on Armor and Plasma, too.

I get bored and invade Kavitha, negotiate, get 13k Metals, build wonders, and immediately declare war on Kavitha again, invade, negotiate, get 11k Science, science it into Plasma improvements, immediately declare war again, invade, negotiate, get another 11k metals, and build more wonders.

With my own Metals that’s a 65k Metals round, and a Wonder Victory. Ok, I guess that’s one way to do it.

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Unicode is over and it dies over Emoji

In 1982, Scott Fahlmann invented the use of :-) and :-( for marking up emotions or semantic context in written online communication. That was a great idea.

The :-) is just a symbol for an emotion. It is specifically not a human face, it does not have a hair color, eye color, skin color or other human attributes. It is universal.

Then some cellphone maker turned that into ☺︎, anthropomorphising it. Come as it must, we soon get color, and it turns into 🙂. That Simpsons yellow was read by some as white and non-inclusive, and here is where things start to break down.



So there is Backblaze B2. It’s a service where you can buy bulk disk space online for backup and restore.

I have a Linux server at home, which many harddisks and which downloads and saves all data from the various dedicated servers and cloud instances, receives several time machine backups from the inhouse Apples, and has local git repositories and stuff.

I mirror these things from the production filesystems to a set of mostly offline disks once, and I wanted an off-site backup as well for crash recovery. Bandwidth is not a problem, we are living on FTTH with 500/500.

So there is rclone for this. It’s like rsync for B2 or other services.

Like so:


How to Debug “My Mac won’t go to sleep”

In Terminal,

pmset -g assertions

The pmset program debugs power management. Assertions describe the system state as perceived by power management and if and when the system can go to sleep.

Example output:

$ pmset -g assertions
2017-11-02 16:31:14 +0100
Assertion status system-wide:
BackgroundTask 0
ApplePushServiceTask 0
UserIsActive 1
PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 1
PreventSystemSleep 0
ExternalMedia 0
PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 1
NetworkClientActive 0
Listed by owning process:
pid 1310(Google Chrome): [0x00012f7c00018f49] 00:00:40 NoIdleSleepAssertion named: "Playing audio"
pid 1310(Google Chrome): [0x00012f7c00058f48] 00:00:40 NoDisplaySleepAssertion named: "Playing video"
pid 241(coreaudiod): [0x00012f7c0001810f] 00:00:40 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep named: ",0,1,1:0.context.preventuseridlesleep"
Created for PID: 1310.
pid 113(hidd): [0x0000957f0009876f] 49:51:56 UserIsActive named: ""
Timeout will fire in 10796 secs Action=TimeoutActionRelease
Kernel Assertions: 0x10c=USB,BT-HID,MAGICWAKE

UserIsActive, because I type right now.

PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep because coreaudiod (pid 241) has been asked by Chrome (pid 1310) to do this. So the screen won’t blank because Chrome is doing a video playback.

PreventSystemSleep is 0, so the system will sleep when I close the lid.

If you have for example Internet Sharing or Screen Sharing enabled, you can see PreventSystemSleep here:

pid 77674(screensharingd): [0x000155590007906d] 06:30:03 PreventSystemSleep named: "Remote user is connected"

This will also set PreventSystemSleep to 1 in the overview list “Assertion status system-wide”.

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#define MH_PIE 0x200000                 /* When this bit is set, the OS will
                                           load the main executable at a
                                           random address.  Only used in
                                           MH_EXECUTE filetypes. */

If that flag is on, MacOS will enable ASLR and the binary will have different load addresses for code, data, heap and stack every time it is running.

$ sudo otool -h '/Library/Application Support/TrendMicro/TmccMac/iCoreService_tmsm'
Mach header
      magic cputype cpusubtype  caps    filetype ncmds sizeofcmds      flags
 0xfeedfacf 16777223          3  0x80           2    20       2656 0x00018085

Check the ‘flags’ for this. No 0x200000, no ASLR. Not here, and not on any other binary with “TrendMicro” in the pathname. And that is why you can’t have nice things.


Fertig gelesen: Edgedancer


Right now, one month before we get Oathbringer, the third part of The Stormlight Archive, we get Edgedancer. This is a Novella that previously was part of Arcanum Unbounded, a collection of short stories playing in the Cosmere. As a standalone Novella is has been expanded and is now 40k words long.

Edgedancer picks up the story of Lift, a scrappy Reshi thief that happens to bond with a Spren to follow the path of the Edgedancer. Because Lift also had contact with the Nightwatcher, she has interesting additional capabilities, among them to touch Spren and to turn food into Stormlight.

Lift is a vagabond and has no desire to attach herself to anybody or anything, she sees connection as a liability. This is aligned with the Agent-of-Change aspect of the Edgedancer path, but in conflict with the caring and healing aspects of the Edgedancer, and the story explores that in the casual way that is typical for Sandersons storytelling.

Lift gets into a conflict with Nale, the damaged Herald of Justice, and manages to bring this story arc to conclusion as well.

Edgedancer“,  Brandon Sanderson, EUR 5.49

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