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Month: September 2017

Jumping Airgaps…

So this paper operates on the premise that there is a high security installation. Because of that it has an isolated network, and also physical protection, in the form of common cameras with the ubiquitous IR lighting.

Turns out, so the developers of “aIR-Jumper“, you can code data into flashes of IR camera lights, and you can read input using the security cameras. So after the initial infection (which would have to take an different route) you can talk to your implant using the security features of the isolated network.

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Bitcoin instead of Ads

Scandinavia and the World

If Web Pages are using Bitcoin mining Javascript instead of advertising, it means Adblockers are winning.

Of course it won’t work even if it worked, but one can try.

That is, as expected uBO is blocking the SATW miner by default by blacklisting the external JS domain with the mining plugin.

If it didn’t, it would still be too inefficient to actually generate profit, because these days you would need dedicated mining rigs for this.

And of course, if that even worked, then you have Bitcoin and not money.

So mostly this is a demonstration about how Ads do not work any more. At all. Ever again.

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The Future of EV…

Chat so:

Ansonsten bin ich dauerhibbelig, weil ich am liebsten noch heute den Wagen verschrotten würde, aber es gibt halt immer noch nicht das E-Auto, das ihn ersetzen kann. Immer nur Weirdmobiles und Prototypen für 2020+.

Also, I am permanently excited, because I’dl like to get rid of the current car ASAP, but the EV that can replace it is not available, yet. Only Weirdmobiles and prototypes for 2020.

That person is not alone:

EU motor industry caution go slow from ICE to #electric cars
But if you’re not in the future, you’re extinct

That model sees the EV transition completed by 2026, with violent change between 2020 and 2025. There is a lot to do right now to prepare – build infra fast, convert model palette, and many more things.


The Future of the Diesel is…

Many Newspapers report (Article in German):

“Nach meinen Informationen ist nicht eine einzige Typenzulassung für Euro-6d-Fahrzeuge beim Kraftfahrtbundesamt beantragt worden”, sagte der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Grünen-Bundestagsfraktion, Oliver Krischer. “Die Automanager reden von nichts anderem, als von diesen Euro-6d-Fahrzeugen. Aber man kann sie nicht kaufen, nirgendwo”, so Krischer.

Since September, there have been no recorded type registrations of Euro-6d cars. These would be the first Diesel cars that stay within the NOx limits not only in a lab, but also under real conditions. They cannot be bought, anywhere.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Dealerships are suing Volkswagen:

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How do people develop for MacOS at scale?

So, how do people develop people for MacOS at scale?

Normal people throw compile jobs at their Kubernetes cluster, and fan out a compile across some two racks full of 50 core machines, giving you some 4000 cores to play with for distributed compiles.

Is there a MacOS LLVM docker image that runs the Xcode compiler in Linux containers and that can be plugged into this? Or are people piling Mac mini and Mac pro or other unrackable bullshit with insufficient remote management into racks, creating a nightmare farm of snowflakes?

How does Apple itself do this? Like animals, on the Desktop?

And how do you integrate such a remote compile farm into Xcode?


The Pro-Diesel propaganda engine is revving up

Diesel, pessimized.

German news are full of articles that are Pro-Diesel, Pro-ICE. Be it outright morale-boosters and literal reassurances (Article in German), or weird articles in which the author is purposefully stupid to have a bad experience to report (Article in German).

Of course nobody in their right mind believes that. The world, the entire world, is slowly converging on the idea that our next version of four wheeled individual transport is electrically powered, and that your current ICE car probably has not much resale value. How little? Could be zero, soon.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

Seriously, HR people ask the weirdest questions.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

For a Twentysomething with no owned property and no family the truthful answer is of course “In a different company, twice removed. Not because you suck more than anywhere else, but, like, statistically.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” “Week 27 or 28?” — LionKingLee

That time when you finish school and university and before you settle down with dependencies that make you immobile – it is an important time in your life. Use it wisely: Change jobs every two to three years, and make it count.