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Month: August 2017

Turning off the Intel Management Engine (ME)

Over at Positive Technologies, we learn:

Our team of Positive Technologies researchers has delved deep into the internal architecture of Intel Management Engine (ME) 11, revealing a mechanism that can disable Intel ME after hardware is initialized and the main processor starts. In this article, we describe how we discovered this undocumented mode and how it is connected with the U.S. government’s High Assurance Platform (HAP) program.

Yup, the NSA is running Intel machines with the ME off, and so should you, most likely.

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uBlock: Dynamic Blocking Rules

Today I learned that uMatrix is kind of an integral part of uBlock origin already:

  1. Enable advanced user mode.
  2. In the uBlock origin dropdown, click [+ requests blocked] underneath the “International Power Symbol”.
  3. Get this:

and the restrict annoying sites until they behave.

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Using more Site Settings…

Site-Settings can be useful to simplify the web.

Site-Settings in Chrome can be accessed by pressing the Info-Circle next to the Sitename above a web page. A dropdown shows the rules for the site, usually “Ask (default)”. Sites with annoying Ad-Tech that sneaks around the Adblocker can often be silenced by disabling Javascript and Flash completely.

It is not necessary to disable other settings, especially if the default is “Ask” – a requester will pop up before a feature such as e.g. Location is being used.

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Why I can’t transfer money with my Monitor upright

Berliner Sparkasse Onlinebanking FAQ: »Why do I get the message ‘mobile device, can’t perform smsTAN money transfer when using my Desktop computer.« »A possible cause is the display resolution. Your computer is being detected as a mobile device by our online banking system. smsTAN is not working from a mobile device. Solution: Change the display resolution.«

So 1920×1080 work, but 1080×1920 doesn’t.


Y2Gay was not a joke article

(Article in German)

So the software in German Standesämtern does not implement marriage properly after the law changed: It cannot register a marriage between partners of the same sex. The workaround is to enter the sex of one of the partners falsely, hence the “Geschlechtsumwandlung” (“sex change”) in the articles title.

Time to read the Y2Gay article again, and this time not as a joke.

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Not even reading…

Why do companies think about Chatbots and other abominations for customer support? Because already their Fleshbots are not even reading what the customer writes.

Here for example is my password strength for the KLM website:

»But Kris, that’s terrible. Why don’t you set a proper password?«