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Month: July 2017

IRC so: James set us up the bond

modprobe bonding
echo '+james' > /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
echo '-bond0' > /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
echo -n 100 > /sys/class/net/james/bonding/miimon
echo balance-alb > /sys/class/net/james/bonding/mode
ip addr add dev james
ip link set james up
ip link set eno1 master james
ip link set eno2 master james
#Bond: james bond
#or "james set us up the bond"

via Eric Herman

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Fertig gelesen: How to Kill a City, Gentrification, Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood

In How to Kill a City Peter Moskowitz goes through for US example cities to show the general process of Gentriciation and the individual differences.

We get to know the development stories of New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco and New York, in order to better understand the mechanism and root causes of Gentrification, which is not about Hipsters and Latte at all, but about rent seeking, backroom dealing to change the law, and – specifically in the US – also about the history and perpetuation of racism.


The Amsterdam Bridge Dilemma explained

An article in Citylab explains The Amsterdam Bridge Dilemma. Bascially, Amsterdam needs the area north of the IJ to grow, but for that to be attractive, it needs to be reachable by bike. So a tunnel is not going to cut it, a bridge is necessary.

But tall ships are crossing all interesting locations right now, so either the bridge has to be very high – not attractive to bikers or it has to open, in which case it will be open 50% of the time in high season.

Solutions are possible, but they will restructure the city and tourism in the city. In itself also not a bad thing, but complicated.


Fertig gelesen: Kill Process

Kill Process is set in the same universe as Avogadro Corp, but is a freestanding story and not part of the Avogadro Series.

We meet Angelina Benenati. She’s a self taught hacker and database architect for Tomo, which is as much not Facebook as Avogadro Corporation is not Google and Braeburn is not Apple in Hertlings stories. She has a shady past, in which she hacked systems under the name of “Angel of Mercy”. She came out of an abuse relationship by the way of stealthily murdering her husband by the way of hacking the car’s computer, and she lost an arm in the resulting accident.

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Meanwhile, in Germany…

Yesterday was the big Tesla Delivery Event, in which the first 30 cars have been handed over to their new owners, and in which the final technical specs have been revealed. Electrek has the full scoop, of course.

Yesterday was also the date, on which Bavarian Ministerpräsident Horst Seehofer percolated the idea to give tax breaks on the purchase of Euro 6 Diesel cars. Yes, he was serious.


Fertig gelesen: The Steerwoman Series

The story begins as a Fantasy novel in a magical universe: We have two warring factions of magicians, a dragon attack, Gnomes and other entities from the fables and fairy tales.

We also have Rowan, the Steerswoman. She is more than a navigator and map maker, she’s part of a group of people that believes in science, in documentation and in open sources – the steerswomen. When a Steerswoman asks, you must answer, and truthfully. If you ask any Steerswoman, she’ll also answer to the best of her knowledge and truthfully. As a group, they are gathering information about the world they live in.