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Month: May 2017

Let’s use all that hospital DNA for law enforcement

Jeroen pointed me at this article in Nederlands.

Nederlands just voted and the current cabinet is on the way out. It’s not supposed to do big or controversial things. But it can try, and it just did.

So Minister Schippers (Health) “wil dat gegevens over afgenomen lichaamsmateriaal in de zorg beschikbaar komen voor politie en justitie” (“wants to use DNA collected for diagnostic or other health purposes for police and law enforcement use”).

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PSA: It’s Kings Day now, and 3 days earlier reports that people are still booking appartments for April, 30 every year. It’s King’s Day now, and on April, 27 – since 2014, actually.

If you come for Queen’s day, the party is already over several days.

Appartment owners have basically given up, they will happily (or unhappily) let you come and have a non-party.


Protecting MySQL Network Traffic

Percona Live Talk by Daniël van Eeden: Protecting MySQL Network Traffic.

Warning: It is somewhat more complicated than this:


Check out the performance slide (#22), too.

Tl;Dr: You want a MySQL compiled against OpenSSL, because SSL Tickets and AES-NI support. YaSSL sucks, hard. With Tickets and hardware symmetric encryption, TLS support in MySQL is actually no longer slow.

Tl;DR 2: MariaDB is actually pretty well positioned here.

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Optane/Xpoint and paradigm shift

So Optane is here. It’s a bit-addressable non-volatile storage with a higher density than DRAM. It’s not as good as initially promised, yet, but it’s a first iteration.

It is basically very slow RAM (or very fast flash), which is bit-adressable. So you are not, like with flash, erasing 64 KB sized pages, but you are doing things to individual bits and bytes.

It’s also faster than flash (but slower than DRAM), about 10x faster than old Commodore 64 memory.

And it’s persistent, so if you power off your machine, contents are not gone.

And it is very dense, denser even than the memory you currently use, because no transistors, so less space necessary per bit.

This is going to change a lot of things, but not right now. We need to rethink our approach to persistence.


Deutsche See is buying Streetscooter, denounces Volkswagen

Automobilwoche (Article in German) reports that the German fish company Deutsche See is going to buy 80 streetscooters from Deutsche Post. That will make them the first customer of the electric delivery cars produced by Deutsche Post.

Deutsche Post originally had urban electric delivery cars built by a startup in Aachen, later bought that startup, so they are now making these cars for themselves. Recently Deutsche Post announced to also sell the cars to third parties and expand the model palette upwards and downwards to electrically powered delivery bicycles. They are going to make up to 20.000 vehicles this year.

Deutsche See is being quoted: “Volkswagen couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver an electrical utility vehicle solution within a ten years timeframe.” They also have an 11.9 million Euro lawsuit against Volkswagen going, because they feel being defrauded by Dieselgate after purchasing Diesel vehicles with Blue Motion technology.

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