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Month: May 2017

Good Riddance to the Query Cache

MySQL 8.0 will be retiring support for the Query Cache.

The MySQL Query cache is a result cache: The MySQL server will record all result sets that are small enough to keep in the cache, and a hash of the query that produced it. If a query meets certain requirements, and the hash of the same query string is ever seen again, the query will not be actually parsed and executed, but the same result set will be replayed.

There are mechanisms in place that prevent uncacheable queries from being cached in the first place, and that prune outdated data from the query cache.

The query cache exists in the first place, because it was easier to create than to teach every PHP CMS developer in the world about sessions. So instead of retrieving the current background color of the current theme over and over from the database, the query cache recognizes the current theme color query again and just replays “green” over and over.

But that was then.

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Xing, srsly?

If you contacted me on Xing, and wondered why I did not react: It’s mosty because I have stopped caring about the platform. At all.


New in SUB: Nosferatu and Maelstrom

The final part of the Van Helsing’s Diaries by Peter Cawdron titled Nosferatu is out, and the entire series is available in one single Omnibus Edition.

Similarly, Maelstrom, the final part of Colliding Worlds, is out, and in an Omnibus, too. Maelstrom is also on kindle unlimited.

Judging by past writing of Cawdron, you can’t go wrong with buying it and 0.99 EUR each is an acceptable financial risk. :-)


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The Measles vs your immune system

NPR has an article about the measles. It is already known that after a measles infection the immune system goes down for a few weeks and followup infections are common.

It seems that what the infection does is worse than that. With the introduction of measles vaccination it has been observed that other infections went down within 2-3 years after measles immunization took place. Researchers wanted to know why and found evidence that

Like many viruses, measles is known to suppress the immune system for a few weeks after an infection. But previous studies in monkeys have suggested that measles takes this suppression to a whole new level: It erases immune protection to other diseases, Mina says.

So what does that mean? Well, say you get the chicken pox when you’re 4 years old. Your immune system figures out how to fight it. So you don’t get it again. But if you get measles when you’re 5 years old, it could wipe out the memory of how to beat back the chicken pox. It’s like the immune system has amnesia, Mina says.


So parents putting their children into a “measles party” in order for them to “gain natural immunzation” may actually achieve the exact opposite of that.

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Tweed Run

Originating in London is the concept of the Tweed Run. It’s a bunch of fucking hipsters, riding outdated bikes in impractical clothing through gentrified neighborhoods flashing their privilege. Or in their own words:

The term “overdressed” does not exist in our vocabulary. Tweed suits, plus fours, bowties, and jaunty flat caps are all encouraged. […]

Dust off your vintage velocipede for the ride; prizes awarded for Best Vintage Bicycle. […]

Of course dining al fresco is an art all of its own, and we encourage you to pack a beautiful picnic basket for our Picnic Break.

A similar thing happens in the Netherlands under the label “Tweed Ride“. They are an inclusive folk, addressing both Nederlands and English speaking people. Their next event is coming Sunday, May 28th, in Breda.

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