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Month: March 2017

More Symantec News

Chris Byrne writes on Facebook:

If you purchased a Symantec certificate (or a cert from any of their associated subsidiaries and partners) through a third party, from at least as far back as early 2013 until recently; their third party certificate generation, management, and retrieval API allowed those certificates… including in some cases private keys generated by third parties… to be retrieved without proper authentication, or in some cases any authentication at all.

I think Google has been pretty kind to Symantec with their reaction. This is a complete CA meltdown.

Openshift Commons and Kubecon

If you happen to be in Berlin: I am in the city from tonight until Thursday afternoon.

I will be in Mitte, because Openshift Commons and Kubecon are happening in the BCC. I will probably be quite busy, though.