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uBlock: Dynamic Blocking Rules

Today I learned that uMatrix is kind of an integral part of uBlock origin already:

  1. Enable advanced user mode.
  2. In the uBlock origin dropdown, click [+ requests blocked] underneath the “International Power Symbol”.
  3. Get this:

and the restrict annoying sites until they behave.

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Using more Site Settings…

Site-Settings can be useful to simplify the web.

Site-Settings in Chrome can be accessed by pressing the Info-Circle next to the Sitename above a web page. A dropdown shows the rules for the site, usually “Ask (default)”. Sites with annoying Ad-Tech that sneaks around the Adblocker can often be silenced by disabling Javascript and Flash completely.

It is not necessary to disable other settings, especially if the default is “Ask” – a requester will pop up before a feature such as e.g. Location is being used.

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Why you can’t have nice things…

»Yay for discounts, aber die Einstellung vom Köhntopp finde ich ja eigentlich ziemlich vermessen und ekelhaft.«

Back in the day at university, there used to be a group of people who went to the Cinema every week on Thursday. We were sometimes six, sometimes more like ten people, but at the core it was a pretty stable group. Ticket sales started one week before and we are pretty consistently getting our tickets pretty much the hour ticket sales started.


Fertig gelesen: Attack of the 50 foot Blockchain

The Blockchain is the solution to everything, and especially the problem of the state. So or similar goes the hype. This book attacks that hype, and it’s fun to read.
It very briefly (one chapter of many) and rather easily understandable explains what Merkle trees and eternal logfiles are, how they are different from the blockchain, what ‘proof of work’ actually means.
It then goes on and actually takes apart the libertarian politics bullshit on top of that, by going through all the history of people and “businesses” connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum and the likes. It is full of stories how they failed, were busted, or simply neglected basic necessities.
The book nicely separates out the useful tech part from the political propaganda, and deflates the entire hype around it (Hint: Most people want Merkle trees and a trusted institution, but think they need a Blockchain – they will end up with a blockchain, a centralized institution and a large energy bill).
Very much recommended, and also a nice present to give to the geek next to you who is exposed to libertarian propaganda bullshit and needs immunization.
Attack of the 50 foot BLOCKCHAIN“, David Gerard, EUR 5.67
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Fertig gelesen: How to Kill a City, Gentrification, Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood

In How to Kill a City Peter Moskowitz goes through for US example cities to show the general process of Gentriciation and the individual differences.

We get to know the development stories of New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco and New York, in order to better understand the mechanism and root causes of Gentrification, which is not about Hipsters and Latte at all, but about rent seeking, backroom dealing to change the law, and – specifically in the US – also about the history and perpetuation of racism.


Fertig gelesen: Kill Process

Kill Process is set in the same universe as Avogadro Corp, but is a freestanding story and not part of the Avogadro Series.

We meet Angelina Benenati. She’s a self taught hacker and database architect for Tomo, which is as much not Facebook as Avogadro Corporation is not Google and Braeburn is not Apple in Hertlings stories. She has a shady past, in which she hacked systems under the name of “Angel of Mercy”. She came out of an abuse relationship by the way of stealthily murdering her husband by the way of hacking the car’s computer, and she lost an arm in the resulting accident.

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Fertig gelesen: The Steerwoman Series

The story begins as a Fantasy novel in a magical universe: We have two warring factions of magicians, a dragon attack, Gnomes and other entities from the fables and fairy tales.

We also have Rowan, the Steerswoman. She is more than a navigator and map maker, she’s part of a group of people that believes in science, in documentation and in open sources – the steerswomen. When a Steerswoman asks, you must answer, and truthfully. If you ask any Steerswoman, she’ll also answer to the best of her knowledge and truthfully. As a group, they are gathering information about the world they live in.


Fertig gelesen: For We Are Many

Bob is making what he was built for: more Bobs.

Bob is in fact a dead computer programmer back from the destroyed and near inhabitable Planet Earth, who has been turned into an upload inhabiting a Von Neumann probe. His mission is to explore strange new world, going where nothing has gone before and make more of himself. You can read more of his Genesis in We Are Legion, Part 1 of the Bobiverse series.