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Fertig gelesen: For We Are Many

Bob is making what he was built for: more Bobs.

Bob is in fact a dead computer programmer back from the destroyed and near inhabitable Planet Earth, who has been turned into an upload inhabiting a Von Neumann probe. His mission is to explore strange new world, going where nothing has gone before and make more of himself. You can read more of his Genesis in We Are Legion, Part 1 of the Bobiverse series.


Fertig gelesen: War Factory

War Factory is the second of three Books in Neal Ashers Transformation Sequence, a trilogy set in his Polity Universe (Part 1 Review: Dark Intelligence in German language).

The storyline continues with the characters and themes of the first book – it’s about atonement and redemption. And as we learn, not just about the redemption of Penny Royal, but also about the aftermath of the Human-Prador war and the redemption of the various persons (Human, Haiman, Prador and AI) that have been damaged by the war. We see in fact a lot more of the prador, and how the war affected them personally, and as a society.

The pacing is still slow in places, and not a lot of plot is happening, but there is a lot of background and development. Considering that this is the bridge book in a trilogy, it’s actually pretty good and satisfying.

War Factory“, Neal Asher, EUR 5.99

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Steam Summer Sale

This magical time in summer, when you simply sit, watching the accumulated Gigabytes idly float by and think of the poor people of #neuland.

13 GB done, fifty more to go. And Steam is overloaded, not giving out much more than 200 MBit/s.


Pitch Battle and the Eurovision

Britain and the Eurovision have a very reliable history, and it is not really a very successful one (“Still a better result than Germany!”). So, why not try something different?

Pitch Battle is an Acapella Casting Show on BBC One. That is, it’s a casting show for people who can actually sing, because nothing but singing is allowed. Using Pitch Battle to select the Eurovision Entry 2018, or the group – how about that?

Yeah, I thought you’d like that plan.

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Slender Man

First Monday has an interesting essay on the Myth of Slender Man and what it may mean.

The Slender Man, or the operator, appears as a tall man in a black suit with no face. This symbolism is saturated with references to faceless intelligence agents. Combined with the references to surveillance and social control and we have a relevant cultural metaphor of intelligence and security officials trusted to safeguard national security.

The Slender Man narratives began in a time when whistleblowers were leaking information about mass surveillance of North Americans, information sharing between the U.S. National Security Agency and telecommunication companies, and superfluous government secrecy. This notably hit a peak in June 2013 when Edward Snowden coordinated his massive, controversial leak that exposed many of the logics and practices of the NSA to the public (Lyon, 2015).

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