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Fertig gelesen: Edgedancer


Right now, one month before we get Oathbringer, the third part of The Stormlight Archive, we get Edgedancer. This is a Novella that previously was part of Arcanum Unbounded, a collection of short stories playing in the Cosmere. As a standalone Novella is has been expanded and is now 40k words long.

Edgedancer picks up the story of Lift, a scrappy Reshi thief that happens to bond with a Spren to follow the path of the Edgedancer. Because Lift also had contact with the Nightwatcher, she has interesting additional capabilities, among them to touch Spren and to turn food into Stormlight.

Lift is a vagabond and has no desire to attach herself to anybody or anything, she sees connection as a liability. This is aligned with the Agent-of-Change aspect of the Edgedancer path, but in conflict with the caring and healing aspects of the Edgedancer, and the story explores that in the casual way that is typical for Sandersons storytelling.

Lift gets into a conflict with Nale, the damaged Herald of Justice, and manages to bring this story arc to conclusion as well.

Edgedancer“,  Brandon Sanderson, EUR 5.49

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Fertig gelesen: Asperger’s on the Job

Asperger’s on the Job

These weird people with headphones on, working strange hours, not wanting to stand in front of the group in Standups and for talks – what are they, where to they come from and how do you handle them at work?

The book is structured as a self-help book, assessing various aspects of Asperger Syndrome, how they manifest and what that might mean in the workplace. It also discusses personal and environmental mitigations.

Each chapter concludes with a list of things that the Aspie and their employer could do, and leaves a number of questions that can help to develop a personal or environmental programme.

Useful for people that live with a geek population, where the number of Aspies is supposedly higher than average, and for geek herders as well. Fast read, but not everything is useful. Still worthwhile.

Asperger’s on the Job“, Rudy Simone, EUR 13.45

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So what is the state of the Ads mess?

Ads on the web have many problems:

Ad selection criteria have been abused for dissemination of propaganda, for targeted malware attacks. Content sites have basically lost the control over what kind of stuff they deliver through the ad-space on their site. Tracking is increasingly a concern for users. Ads bloat sites, slow down page display times and mess with peoples mobile data plans. Ads use power and create heat in devices with a tight power budgets (basically, anything that runs on a battery and has no fans, phones, tablets, laptops). Ads play unwanted video and audio, open layers and windows, popovers and popunders. Ads destroy usability and layout on content sites.

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Archon Classic

Archon Classic

So I learned there is a version of Archon Classic available. I have been playing this 25 years ago on the Commodore 64, and it’s available for Steam. A short purchase and test play later: this actually works. Slightly more modernised graphics, if you care (or true old style pixels, if you do not like that), and the dynamics of the gameplay have been preserved. New play modes have been added.

Very worthwhile, even if you do not know the original.

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Flattr 2.0

Do you remember Flattr? Me neither.

Flattr was a micropayment system for blogs, allowing you to mark a blog article for payment when you liked it. A fixed amount you budget for micropayments per month was then being distributed equally across all flattr’d articles. So assuming you budget 10 EUR per month for flattr, and you clicked on 20 things a months, each thing would earn their creator 0.50 EUR that month.

In reality, Flattr existed mostly to generate and finance Podcasts by Tim Pritlove, of course.


Bitcoin instead of Ads

Scandinavia and the World

If Web Pages are using Bitcoin mining Javascript instead of advertising, it means Adblockers are winning.

Of course it won’t work even if it worked, but one can try.

That is, as expected uBO is blocking the SATW miner by default by blacklisting the external JS domain with the mining plugin.

If it didn’t, it would still be too inefficient to actually generate profit, because these days you would need dedicated mining rigs for this.

And of course, if that even worked, then you have Bitcoin and not money.

So mostly this is a demonstration about how Ads do not work any more. At all. Ever again.

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Fertig gelesen: The Secret History of Wonder Woman

One of the weirdest and most interesting characters in the DC Universe is Wonder Woman, because she is full of seemingly irreconcilable contradictions.

Created by a man, William Moulton Marston, in 1941, her history is actually deeply rooted in the Suffragette movement of the early 20th century. Marston owes much of the ideas and the origin myth to earlier stories from that era and cosmos, through his wifes  Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne, and through Olives Byrne’s connection with Ethel Byrne and Margaret Sanger.

The book is a biography of Marston, but really is a history of feminism in the United States, and also making a case that there are no waves, but one large, meandering river.

A much recommended, very unexpected find, and an eye-opening view on a bunch of unique characters, both real and imagined.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman“, Jill Lepore, EUR 8.32

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