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IRC so: James set us up the bond

modprobe bonding
echo '+james' > /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
echo '-bond0' > /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
echo -n 100 > /sys/class/net/james/bonding/miimon
echo balance-alb > /sys/class/net/james/bonding/mode
ip addr add dev james
ip link set james up
ip link set eno1 master james
ip link set eno2 master james
#Bond: james bond
#or "james set us up the bond"

via Eric Herman

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Zero Factor Authentication

Dear Internet, Today I Learned that oath-toolkit exists in Homebrew.

So, this is a thing:

$ brew install oath-toolkit
$ alias totp='oathtool --totp -b YOURSECRET32BLA | pbcopy'

And so is this:

#! /usr/bin/env expect -f
set totp [ exec oathtool --totp -b MYSECRET7W22 ]
spawn ssh
expect "Password:"
sleep 1
send "thisIsN0t1GoodPaszwort@\r"
expect "Two Factor Token:"
sleep 1
send "$totp\n"

Yup, it’s totally possible to laugh and cry at the same time.