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Category: Fluffy Fluff

Shit found on Github: “gordon”, a Flash emulator in Javascript

Gordon is an open source Flash™ runtime written in pure JavaScript.

Gordon lets you run your SWF movie files in a JavaScript based environment, without the need of any plugins or additional software. It takes advantage of the latest web technologies like SVG to render vector based graphics or Web Workers for enhanced performance and to parse even large SWF’s in the background, without blocking the user interface. Furthermore, it gives you full access and control of the resources, characters and timeline behaviours in your movie via JavaScript or DOM scripting.

Because Flash alone is not toxic enough. You need to put JS on top. Also, my battery drains faster than yours.

via Lutz Donnerhacke.


Shit found on github: bork

I> Good Morning!

M> And to you, too!

I> I hope you have a nice and technically reliable start into a new week full of hope!
Kris> Here, catch.

M> »A bash DSL for config management« And it’s not even chistmas, yet.

I> “the Swedish Chef Puppet of Config Management. […] Bork is written against Bash 3.2 and common unix utilities such as sed, awk and grep. It is designed to work on any UNIX-based system and maintain awareness of platform differences between BSD and GPL versions of unix utilities.
Kris> Reinventing with root privilege!

M> When you’re happy with your config script, you can compile it to a standalone script which does not require bork to run. The compiled script can be passed around
M> Like Scabies.


IRC so: Partici-Pants

H> Today is Monday? Well, I’ve got ‘home office’.

I> H: ‘home office’, hence Partici-Pants. The things you better
put on when joining a Video conference so accidents won’t

L> You mean when everybody gets up to sing the company anthem?