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How Immigration Uncertainty Threatens America’s Tech Dominance

Actually, really bad.


The WSJ’s outlook on the american tech industry is not so good.

Actually, really bad.

Christopher Mims writes:

Venture capitalists, executives and engineers I spoke to consistently made the same argument: In 2017, politicians who try to unduly impede the free movement of tech workers stand to deprive their home country of revenue and employment, as well as all the additional support, service and administrative jobs each of those highly paid workers creates in a community.

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Maia seems to be Cities: Skylines in Space, in hard mode

Maia seems to be a “Cities: Skylines in Space” type of game, in hard mode. It is currently in Steam Early Access with mixed reviews, and it seems to be pretty weird.

How weird? This weird. That’s one before Dwarf Fortress, I presume.

If you are content with buying games outside of steam, it’s on sale right now. The I don’t want to live on this planet any more sale. “Because death in space is preferable to news right now.”

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Tumblr of the day

Tumblr of the day is… a wordpress, “A damsel in this dress”, for the blog title and for this image.

Sidesaddle on a motorbike is as awesome as the blog title.
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Seized pacemaker data used to indict arsonist

Image: LukeBam06

According to NetworkWorld, a man in Ohio with an implanted Pacemaker, was indicted as an arsonist, based on data seized by the Police from his device.

»[T]he cops wanted to know “Compton’s heart rate, pacer demand and cardiac rhythms before, during and after the fire.”« reports a local station, WLWT5.

Another news outlet reports »“A cardiologist who reviewed that data determined ‘it is highly improbable Mr. Compton would have been able to collect, pack and remove the number of items from the house, exit his bedroom window and carry numerous large and heavy items to the front of his residence during the short period of time he has indicated due to his medical conditions.’”« The retrieved data helped to indict Comption, who also had gasoline on various pieces of his clothing.

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Lean Fascism

Translated from German, original Text by Nicolas Katte:

It’s “lean fascism“, and that’s how it works:

Political positions are no longer backed by theory and no longer subject to political discourse and societal control. They are simply being implemented, sometimes even purposefully badly crafted, in order to measure societal reaction.

The goal of the “Machiavellian Blitzkrieg” which we have been witnessing in the last few days regarding Executive Orders, Planned Parenthood and Muslim Ban is not a single big change. It tries to port the principles of the Lean Startup to politics: Trying to find a path to a goal through tight feedback loops between the island of planning (a company or the government) and the chaotic reaction (the market, or society).

Each executive order is like a minimum viable product: it looks like a law, and is being applied for the first few hours like a law, the reaction of society toward it is being measured as if it was a law. Which offices, which NGOs and which individuals are willing to accept this order, even if it is a violation of the constitution? Who resists? Is the resistance inside the law (e.g. by calling on the rule of law or the constitution) or outside, through protests, organisation or by breaking the law?

The reactions of lawyers and governmental organisations, the Tweets and Facebook posts of all people are being collected and a detailed breakdown of moods and political posture is being created. Of course lists are being updated, maybe even with a score per individual, tracking the change in approval and rejection over time for individuals and organisations. Is the opposition becoming tired, are they worn out?

Protest is part of the plan in the early stages, because just as the positions of Trump initially have been seen as extreme and became normalized over time, protest will be seen as normal over time and find less and less attention. Also, while masses are demonstrating the “muslim ban” it’s easy to change the complete staff of the state department and install your own people instead.

Activities of political opponents as seen from a position of political power are not seen as an opposition to the implementation of the one single policy. Instead each activity of the opposition is seen as a small experiment that is an opportunity to learn and to change. At the same time it keeps the opposition busy while one quietly takes control of the next office of the state.

Es ist "Lean Fascism" und so funktioniert es: Politische Positionen werden nicht mehr theoretisiert und unter…

Publié par Nicolas Katte sur lundi 30 janvier 2017