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Electric car confusion

Autoblog titles: The race for autonomous cars is over. Silicon Valley lost. The point they want to make is:

To paraphrase Elon Musk, Silicon Valley is learning that “Making rockets is hard, but making cars is really hard.” People outside of the auto industry tend to have a shallow understanding of how complex the business really is. They think all you have to do is design a car and start making it. But most startups never make it past the concept car stage because the move to mass production proves too daunting.


Yet, while companies like Google and Apple are giving up on making cars, they’re not giving up on the auto industry. There is another area where Silicon Valley could play a dominant role and it’s all about accessing car-based data.

It’s about the margins – making a thing gives you around 10% markup, making things out of data gives you much, much higher margins. This also frames the current discussions about privacy within the German government, and who is to own your data (hint: not you), especially when you drive.

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