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Category: Ist ja bald Weihnachten

Whatever became of… Shirtstorm?

In our section “Ist ja bald Weihnachten…” we are looking at the Shirtstorm. It was in November 2014, when Dr. Matt Taylor was celebrating the Rosetta Mission success by wearing a special T-Shirt that his friend Ellie Prizeman made for him.

People not knowing him, or Ellie Prizeman took offense and Taylor was forced needlessly to apologize. The entire affair is know as Shirtstorm.

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IKEA without screws

IKEA is experimenting with furniture that has wooden click fittings instead of screws.

»We believe that easy assembly will be important for IKEA and our customers. When we were kids, we built treehouses. Today, kids grow up with a phone in their hands. It doesn’t come as natural to them to assembly furniture with a screwdriver.«