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Mastodon (or actually,

This article by rw is a good non-technical introduction to, Mastodon, and the protocols and ideologies behind it:

The protocol OStatus is shared by a number of implementations, which are all more or less interoperable. One of the implementations is, another is the right now hyped Mastodon. Each of the implementations has many instances, some of them large, many of them very small. They all connect to each other and talk to each other, through federation, and together they form the so called Fediverse.

You can subscribe to one or more of the instances, or start to run your own – it’s up to you.

I signed up as, and use it mostly for reading. I won’t start posting there any time soon. So, what is it like?

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Switzerland, post fixed book price agreements

Swiss NZZ has an article about the Buchpreisbindung, fixed book price agreements. These are still a thing in Germany, and have been in Switzerland, in the past.

In Switzerland, fixed book prices was not prolonged in May 2007. In the political followup, it came to  a public referendum in March 2012, and that did not come through, repealing the agreement permanently.

Since then, book prices fell by 20%, and variances in price mostly have been caused by the price of the swiss franc in relation to the Euro. 30% of the book shows also closed, but that is more likely caused by digitization of reading than by the price agreement going away.

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Handling Mail, correctly.

Somebody sent me a mail with
Content-Type: multipart-mixed;
Thank you for that. This is precisely my kind of humor.

Science March (vs. Placebo March)

Science March

»The numbers for the Science March seem high, but we won’t know until we compare it to the numbers at the placebo march that’s also happening.

I honestly feel bad for the people on the Placebo March, who thought they were at the Science March, but double blind testing is important.

I head the placebo marchers feel like they’re making a difference even after they’re told they’re at the placebo march.«

I am confused – it’s a science march, but in April. And the Placebo thing, that’s a concert, right?

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Passenger dragged onto Ryanair flight

»Outcry as shocking scenes emerge of passenger being dragged onto Ryanair flight« titles the satiric magazine Dafty News, spot on, to continue:

Michael O’Leary, the outspoken CEO of Ryanair appeared unconcerned last night as he told reporters: “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, to be honest. The flight was underbooked and this individual was spotted wandering aimlessly around Costa Coffee in the airport lounge, so after making sure he had a credit card, we took him took the necessary steps to get him on board.

Remember: It’s only funny, because it’s almost true.

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