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Category: Fluffy Fluff

Campaign Time and Summer in Germany

Merkel’s CDU has a programme, and it contains the impossible promise of “full employment”. CDU’s Peter Tauber comments “full employment is better than social justice”.

Of course nobody promised full employment at proper salary, so one commenter asked “So that’s now 3 Minijobs for me?”


Tauber pulls a Marie-Antoinette: “Had you learned something proper, you would not need three Minijobs.”

Twitter understood, and escalated quickly.


Fermi vs. Fhtagn

There are things, Lovecraft hypothesizes, that Man is not meant to know. This paper is touching on these subjects: That is not dead which can eternal lie: the aestivation hypothesis for resolving Fermi’s paradox.

If a civilization wants to maximize computation it appears rational to aestivate until the far future in order to exploit the low temperature environment: this can produce a 10^30 multiplier of achievable computation.

We hence suggest the “aestivation hypothesis”: the reason we are not observing manifestations of alien civilizations is that they are currently (mostly) inactive, patiently waiting for future cosmic eras. This paper analyzes the assumptions going into the hypothesis and how physical law and observational evidence constrain the motivations of aliens compatible with the hypothesis.

So the Great Old starfaring civilizations exist, the paper suggests, but they are sleeping, waiting until the stars are, literally, right.

So much of Lovecraft is about astronomy and cosmology, and it did not stop with his death, if he actually died.


IRC so: Stronger together

So, it’s Friday, I presume.

I> A: “Strong and Stable” !

A> I: Nee. “Stronger Together” was Rodham-Clinton.
A> Not that this makes it any better.

A> Is Trumpix a thing?
A> Making Linux Great Again!
A> We’re gonna have the best Linux. With many Apps. Great apps. And we’re gonna kick Poettering out. No more
systemd. Linux first!
A> And we’re gonna have a great firewall. DENY ONLY! And we’re gonna make the cybercriminals pay for it.
A> When Redhat send’s their init-systems, they are not sending the best. They are not sending openrc, they are not sending sysv. They are sending systemds that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems with them. They are bringing Segfaults. They are bringing CVEs. They are terrible. And some, I assume, are okay…