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Leider endet das Spiel morgen: In Kamergotchi muß der spielende Niederländer seinen Abgeordneten am Leben halten.

Kamergotchi, het ideale spel voor de betrokken kiezer. Hou je lijsttrekker zo lang mogelijk in leven door hem eten, aandacht of kennis te geven. Zoveel politieke invloed had je nog nooit!

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Some time ago, I gave a talk about boring technology at Booking, which means choosing the simplest, stable and maintainable solution you can get away with for solving a problem at a given scale.

Apparently Dan McKinley has similar views, which he explained in Choose Boring Technology. The writeup explains nicely what boring technology is, and why to prefer this.

Never forget your mission, which is business, not technology. The technology is a necessary tool, but likely not your friend.

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A book on systemd, that’s what’s missing

Two years ago, I ranted on Google plus that there still is no book on systemd (actually, on systemd + journald + cgroups/namespaces and the assorted things that come with it if you are doing it right).

There are writeups such as various Getting Started articles, and there is collections to the writeups on PID Eins, but there is no book.

A book would be good, though, because it should contain stuff like this.


Revisiting the UNIX Haters handbook…

Unix Haters Handbook (PDF)

Back in the day, when I was a very little Kris, trying to understand this Unix thing, there have been quite a number of pointers to the UNIX Haters Handbook (PDF, print) by Garfinkel et al.

The uninteresting part of the book complains about the world not adopting the Symbolics LISP machine and development environment as a standard (obviously a nonsensical and short-sighted idea), the other pointed to a number of shortcomings and inconsistencies in the Unix concept and implementation.


Our coming Copyright Overlords

According to the New York Post (yes, I know), Apple’s Eddy Cue are looking to improve the original video strategy Apple has (most likely in reaction to Netflix and Youtube). The wording is worrying:

While at least one of the discussions between Apple and an executive was vague when it came to the tech company’s ultimate goal, the executive was left with the impression that the Cupertino, Calif., company is looking for a transformative acquisition and not just a deal to buy TV shows.

and later

“They talked to Sony and Paramount last week. They are preparing something big,” a source told The Post.

Nobody has anything concrete at the moment, though.

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