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The Trump Yacht in the Netherlands

The Telegraaf has an article (Link goes to the mobile site, b/c the real site has Adblockerblockers active) on the “Trump Princess”, a ship that had been renovated a long time ago in a wharf in the Netherlands.

Please note that this is about an event from the late eighties. Trump bought the “Yacht”, had it refitted in the Netherlands and sold it three years later. The history of the ship is available on Wikipedia, and it’s not particularly long by todays standards of the one percent-percenters. It’s interesting, because before Trump the Yacht starred in the James Bond Movie “Never Say Never Again” in a promiment role as a supervillain headquarter. A Youtube Slideshow about the ship is available.

Trump tried upgrading to something even larger, but that failed, says the final paragraph of an article on Yachtharbour. In fact, he bought the Amels shipyard in order to not complete the construction of the “Trump Princess II”. Amels is a large “Superyacht” wharf near Vlissingen.

The first “Trump Princess” has been notorious, because of a Tweet from Bart Mos two weeks ago, who made a big deal of the rather tasteless interiour of this thing, which happened almost 30 years ago. He later apologized.

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Tumblr of the Day is… Nederdropje

Tumblr of the Day is… Nederdropje. A Dutch blog on Drop (Liquorice). Around here (in the Netherlands) people are making quite oftenbread with Hagelslag. That’s a bread with crumps – originally chocolate crumps, but there is Fruchtenhagel, Anishagel and many other kinds.

Apparently there is Drophagel as well, but from a scandinavian source.