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Category: Als Deutscher in den Niederlanden

The new Connexxion

So today is not only a day with a snowflake coming down and touching the ground, which in itself is always an event that puts the Netherlands into chaos (The Dutch are generally awesome with liquid water, but are completely unable to deal with the same substance in a frozen state).

Our annual day of winter.

Today is also the day where Connexxion switches to the new Dienstregling, stops accepting cash in the buses and also switches to new equipment. This is not without it’s share of problems.


How many chargers are necessary to convert the Netherlands to electric cars?

Here is the question:

How much infrastructure do we need when ALL 8 million vehicles (and buses and trucks!) in the Netherlands go electric?

The answer will surprise you: we could get to 100% electric transportation in the Netherlands, just by converting the 4000 existing gast stations to fast charging stations which have an average of 14 fast chargers.

The article then plays with numbers a bit: Kilometers driven, electricity used, number of chargepoints, charging rates.


Good news, bad news

Good news, we have left #neuland:

Ik wilde u graag de codes voor de SchoolApp alvast doorgeven, zodat u op de hoogte blijft van de dingen die in de klas gebeuren.
De app kunt u op uw telefoon downloaden. De naam is gewoon “SchoolApp’ en het logo is een soort blauwe bol.
De leescode van groep 4/5 is: …..

and there is even a Youtube video. On the other hand:

No app for you, come back one year.

Right, thanks.

Changing the country code of a Google account is by the way close to impossible, especially if >500 EUR apps, a GPMAA family account and Google cloud stuff are dangling from it.