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Author: kris

It’s not an APT, it’s just you sucking at basic IT

Dr. Ian Levy

So El Reg has spoken to Dr. Ian Levy, the chief technical director of GCHQ. And Levy goes:

“If you call it an advanced persistent threat, you end up with a narrative that basically says ‘you lot are too stupid to understand this and only I can possibly help you – buy my magic amulet and you’ll be fine.’ It’s medieval witchcraft, it’s genuinely medieval witchcraft.”

and continues

He pointed out that a UK telco had recently been taken offline using a SQL injection flaw that was older than the hacker alleged to have used it. That’s not advanced by any stretch of the imagination, he said.

So there you have it. It’s not an APT. It’s you sucking at running an IT organisation.

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Flawed Metrics that Publishers Use all the Time

Matching the Jens Scholz article in german language, Thomas Baekdal has a similar thing, pointing into a different direction, from a publishers perspective.

Baekdal uses this article to focus on three metrics and assumptions that are used quite often, and how they are not helpful at all.

  • Engagement and Sentiment are two different things, and the audience that is “engaging” is self-selecting. Hence engagement metrics are flawed by construction.
  • All Time popularity is a weird thing, because different articles have different shapes of “engagement” over time, and that matters. So does time itself.
  • “Stupid but fun” articles can have good metrics, but they do not have a lot of value. If you follow the metrics, you are damaging your brand.

In general, subscribing to the is a thing I would recommend.

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