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Shit geeks say

So the Geeks at Datacenter Dynamics quote this geek:

“With a market of more than 80 million people within a roundtrip delay of 30 milliseconds, covering all major cities of Northern Europe, the Baltic states and western Russia, Stockholm is an ideal location for cloud players and other major data center actors,” …

So how many million people are within 30ms of you? :-)

In other news, the more countries go renewable, the less they are charging for power (they may be charging for infrastructure, though). For data centers in Norway and Sweden, it appears that we are below 4 Cent/kWh now. Oh, and can we please use the exhaust heat from your computers to heat our capital, please?

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  1. Nebsler

    source link missing

    • kris kris


  2. Dan

    Letzter Satz – da fehlt “use” nach dem fünften Wort.

    • kris kris

      Maybe doing this over a VNC connection is not the ultimate in usability. :-)

  3. Andreas

    The quote is kinda missing the point.

    Cheap power and cheap cooling are super important location externalities for a datacenter location.

    If the number of potential customers within 30ms are important, you want to host in Frankfurt as close to DE-CIX as you can. AMS-IX is a good alternative but would only come in as second.

    The problem is, datacenters in Amsterdam or Frankfurt ware expensive to operate compared to something in the arctic circle… But there the number of penguins and moose with a decent internet connection is rather limited…

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