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Predicting the Jump to Electromobility

An article in The Guardian states:

Solar power and clean cars are ‘gamechangers’ consistently underestimated by big energy, says Imperial College and Carbon Tracker report. […]

Big energy companies are seriously underestimating the low-carbon transition by sticking to their “business as usual” scenarios which expect continued growth of fossil fuels, and could see their assets “stranded”, the study claims.

They are seeing a worldwide halt in growth in demand for oil and coal by 2020.

This is kind of echo’ed in this article in German TV news “heute” (article in German) about the Opel-to-PSA sale: The article still forecasts for 2030

  • 14% of all new cars as Gasoline, and
  • 10% of all new cars as Diesel.
  • 48% or new cars in 2030 are supposed to be hybrid, only
  • 27% pure electric.

That’s kind of the opposite range of the prognosis seen in The Guardian, the slowest possible electro transition imaginable.


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      I remember reading this, but couldn’t find it. Thansk for the URL.

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