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FOSDEM: The coming Radio Lockdown

The European Radio Equipment Directive requires all devices that are able to send and receive radio signals to be locked down. Without further specification of exceptions, which has not yet been done, this will affect all devices, including pure receivers such as GPS receivers and car radios, but also mobile phones and amateur radio operators and of course almost all Internet of Trash (IoT) devices.

Hardware manufacturers are required to “install technical measurements to protect the devices from being flashed with ‘non-compliant software'”.

The talk by Max Mehl is available on the FOSDEM site.

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  1. AndreasLobinger

    While i agree on a bigger part of the discussion presented here, i disagree with “we are convinced that such strict regulations are not necessary for typical consumer products with limited radio output power.” Unfortunately you can do much harm with limited output power in public networks.

  2. Volker

    Ick, I totally forgot abut this (had read a similar article recently). Thanks for those dystopian nightmares.

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