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Tech Meta: As you can see, this blog is still being built.

  • I seem to have fixed the most glaring problems with the stylesheet – blockquotes and links in the text are no longer in an outsized font.
  • Basic wordpress hardening is in place. A longer article about that needs to be written.
    • Command line tools for WP are in place, and the installation of the blog has been ansibilized. In a completely horrible way, because uploading a shell script that runs WP-CLI is not the Ansible Way™ at all. This needs to be prettyfied as much as possible, but still won’t be the Ansible Way™ when finished.
  • I have been testing the blog with mobile, and the theme seems to be adaptive just fine.

What’s missing: A number of things are not here, yet.

  • Let’s Encrypt Integration is still not in place. It will come.
  • I am still looking for a nice tool that can accept an Android Share intent and will fetch a header and a nice image from the URL and make an article of the “link” format with a number of Categories from it.
    • There is a WP Android App. I need to test it, and also need to understand if it fundamentally can work with Google Authenticator enabled on the blog.
    • If it does not solve the “here’s a link, make a basic article share out of it” problem, it’s not really helpful. It’s not that I’ll be writing a lot of text on a cellphone, that would be dump. I need to be able to do G+ like sharing from a cellphone as a reminder to edit and fatten the share later from a proper machine.

What will happen (several times): When everything is finished, I need to destroy this VM and redo it from scratch and backup in order to make sure it’s completely hands off. We will have a short service interruption for that, but you should not be worried, we’ll be back. I still have no timeline for that.

So what will happen? Some Guidelines: As the new G+ is as horrible as the preview promised, I’ll pull my presence out of social media as much as possible.

  • We have a RSS content full feed and a RSS comments full feed, on autodiscovery. Subscribe to them.
  • All links will go to G+, manually. Or not, if I forget to do that. Use RSS, really.
    • Comments on G+ are off. Use the comments in the blog.
    • The awesome Friends+me will pick that up and spam the rest of the social media. Comments can’t be off there, but I won’t be reading them. Sorry about that. Use the comments in the blog.
    • Comments are moderated for first time posters. Once you have commented here and have been enabled, you should be able to do so without moderation.

Yes, it’s retro. That’s probably a feature.

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  1. Welcome back Kris.
    For me a much better way to consume your stuff than on G+-

  2. Marcel Anacker

    Huge loss for G+. I always cherished it as a secret hideout for Ingress players and the tech community. You were a big part of that.
    I appreciate that you still post your links there since I don’t use a feed reader anymore.

    • kris kris

      Yes, I know about that, but even if you know only a little about the Ansible Way™ you’ll run away screaming.

  3. Thomas Nesges

    Spricht etwas gegen Social Media-Spaming per Jetpack statt Friends+Me? Hätte den Vorteil, dass nicht Google+ sondern dein Blog im Zentrum steht, also Facebook-Follower nicht erst zu Google+ sondern direkt hierher kommen

    • kris kris

      That’s a config question, friends+me has different settings. I changed them, so now there is no G+ backlinking any more.

  4. AndreasLobinger

    Any idea what causes the big-red-you-need-javascript-for-advanced-features-of-this website header?

    • kris kris

      The comment editor. After submitting a comment you can edit that comment for about 300 second, as long as JS and cookies are active. I recommend you enable cookies and JS for this blog, it’s not doing much with it besides that.

  5. Finally something with a working RSS feed again :-) – thanks!

    On the good old[tm], you used S9Y and, as a (probably not intended) result, convinced me to use S9Y for my own blog.

    Now you surprised me with wordpress (I never expected you would use it, especially because wordpress seems to be a security nightmare while S9Y is “boring”), so – what’s the reason for using wordpress instead of S9Y?

    • kris kris

      Infrastructure. For example 2FA support, and a few other tools that I will need. I was also hoping to be able to use an Android App to post, but that does not seem to work.

    • kris kris

      Please check for AAAA now. should resolve to 2001:bc8:4700:2300::25:e15, and there should be an entity listening on it.

      • Anton

        Confirmed, AAAA present at DF. Locally (M-Net) not yet visible.

    • Except for that Johnny hasn’t really followed that through. He has blogged less and less (at least on Spreeblick) and most of his activity seems to be still elsewhere (not on a blog, or at least not one I’m aware of)

  6. kris kris

    So I just saw 2003:46:51d:a9b:49c6:92f5:dc92:522d in the access log. That’s T-Online, of all places.

    • kris kris

      DNSSEC is probably a thing I won’t be implementing, ever.

  7. M G Berberich

    WordPress? Ich hatte bei Dir ja eigentlich s9y erwartet…

    • Jens

      Oha ein quasi-reboot von Count me in! :)D
      Aber es ist richtig, dass damit auch ein wenig die G+ Ecke noch leerer wird. Schade das, aber Google tut sich da auch mit den ständigen Design Changes etc. keinen Bärendienst :/

  8. leo

    Kein TLS? :/

    • kris kris


  9. Niclas

    So it’s 2010 again with the exception, that nearly all great RSS readers have left the AppStore.
    Any hint for a capable but simple rss reader for web/mobile with a one time fee, anyone? And no – I don’t plan to have a second job while maintaining a tinytinyrss installation. :)

    • kris kris

      As a replacement for Google Reader, buy Newsblur.

      On Android, use GrazeRSS against Newsblur. Articles read on mobile will be marked as read on Newsblur.

      On Mac, use Readkit against Newsblur. Articles read on Mac will be marked as read on Newsblur.

      Some people suggest TT-RSS self-hosted, but then you have to maintain another piece of crap, and have to solve the sync problem.

  10. Robert Dahlem

    I will stay on G+ for a while, but be reading this blog with RSS. So I get a dupe for every post. I would prefer if the pushes to G+ would go into a separate collection that I can switch off then.

    • kris kris

      All posts are going to the Blog. Social Media, including G+, will get only Blogspam. So there is no need for collections at all.

      • Robert Dahlem

        Meaning to unfollow you on G+?

        • kris kris

          It should be safe to do that.

  11. Martin Pluntke

    Cool, this even works in Feedly – I’m glad that I don’t have to add another news source. The only disadvantage I can see: can’t read easily through the comments and +1 them anymore without opening the feed.

  12. AndreasLobinger

    The Name of the person commenting is set bold for some (i guess authentificated) users. How to do this?

  13. j

    great decision!

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