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USAgile Testing Days – canceled

USAgile Testing Days canceled

USAgile Testing days in Boston are canceled:

Sadly, we have to inform you that we decided to cancel the conference due to the current political situation in the USA. Our hearts are bleeding, but we believe it is the right thing to do. The Agile Testing Days (ATDs) stand for diversity, openness, respect and support the observance of human rights. We despise any sort of hostility or harassment.

The behavior of the current US Government Authority is unacceptable for us and against our values and views. As international organizers we also aim at a diverse and international conference crowd – audience and speakers alike. Many people of the community are expressing their concerns, and even speakers are withdrawing from their attendance now.

All of them feel unconfident about the next months and are unsure of potential problems when entering the country, including us as organizers.

I am waiting for their announcement of an alternate Venue in Cancun.

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  1. kris kris

    Cephalocon cancelled:

    »U.S. Political Climate

    The Ceph community has always been based on the principles of openness, inclusion, and a level playing field for all participants. We have worked hard to ensure that no matter what time zone you’re in, who you are, or how technically knowledgeable you are there is always a way for you to participate and contribute to the Ceph community.

    It is our sincere hope that the people of the United States will course-correct their leadership to conform to the principles that the country was founded on, and has served so well throughout history. In the meantime, we wont be hosting any events that require members of our community to travel to the U.S. and potentially suffer harassment, digital privacy violations, or rejection at the border.«

  2. kris kris

    QUIC won’t do the US any more:

    »You may have seen reports that someone who participates in this work was recently refused entry to the US*, for unspecified reasons.

    Anecdotally, we’ve heard of an increasing number of cases of non-resident aliens being refused entry to the US because they are perceived to be “working” there. We are not immigration lawyers, but it appears that “work” is not well-defined in this context, and what definition there is may not be evenly applied. “Business meetings” are explicitly allowed under non-working visas to the US, but there is often a blurry line between “work” and “meetings.”

    Due to the nature of what we do, this might affect standards participants more than others. After some discussion amongst the chairs and with our responsible AD, we’ve decided that:

    1) The planned interim meeting in Seattle will go ahead; changing the location is likely to be more disruptive than leaving it in place. We’ve been in touch with the participant mentioned above, who says they did not intend on travelling to the US for the Seattle interim.

    2) We won’t hold any further interim meetings in the US, until there’s a change in this situation. This means that we’ll either need to find suitable hosts in Canada or Mexico, or our meeting rotation will need to change to be exclusively Europe and Asia.

    There isn’t a perfect solution to this problem; every country has immigration requirements, and we’ve heard from some participants that they have trouble *leaving* the US, due to constraints on their immigration status there. While the uncertainty regarding the “travel ban” and its status as it winds its way through the US court system is a concern, the situation cited above is more relevant to the current participants in our work.

    Finally – remember that the IETF needs data about immigration/border problems. If you have issues obtaining a visa, entering a country, or otherwise are unable to participate in a meeting due to a host country’s immigration policies or actions, please get in touch with IETF leadership. If it’s regarding a QUIC Interim meeting, your first point of contact should be Lars and/or I.«

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