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Using a blade center chassis to make Döner Kebap

I had the opportunity to play with a Blade Center Chassis with 16 Blades, each of them a Dual-E5 2690v4, so 56 threads (28 cores) times 16.

$ mkdir mprime; \
] cd mprime; \
] wget; \
] tar xvzf p95v2810.linux64.tar.gz; \
] ./mprime -m

running with “stress test only”, “mode 1 – small FFT” and 56 cores gets me quite a bit of power consumption.

Idle Blades is being reported as 140W, busy blades are 400W.

Images below the fold.

Blade 16 is idle, the rest is running mprime
One of two PDU, powering the Chassis, a Solidfire Unit (~320W) and a ToR Switch.

6400W reported by the blades, 6820W reported by the chassis, 2x 3.75kW reported by the PDU (plus a Solidfire Unit and a ToR-Switch).

7000W are 9.4HP, so a 1949 2CV Type A.


1949 2CV Type A, Foto by Jamieli
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    • kris kris

      Wrong kind of blade center. 4 of them are Dell, the 4 other are HP.

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