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The 2017 web is bloated and slow, and I am guilty, too.

Dan Luu has been benchmarking the web, using Webpagetest and other means. Turns out we have given up on optimization – we are doing too many requests, have too many dependencies and our files are just too large.

This site is no exception.

If you are running on Dialup connection or 3G speeds, or add packet loss, everything goes to hell, and most things don’t even load any more.

Only soldiers on.

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  1. AndreasLobinger

    Kris, i’m confused. Didn’t state this in this blog in few places that we need improve transport (on bandwidth and delay) and pricing (flat and low), so the internet can just ‘flow’? No need for content optimization?

  2. Christoph

    While many sites tend to gain in complexity, the trend of static sites is coming back again, generated from tools like Jekyll etc.

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