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Building Europeans: The Free Interrail Ticket

Free Interrail

What is the Idea of a European Union in the life of young Europeans growing up? How can the EU make European Union a tangible experience?

The answer to that, according to Vincent Herr and Martin Speer, is as simple as it is awesome – every young European Citizen shall, on their 18th birthday, receive a free InterRail ticket. The ticket would allow unlimited rail travel in and between the 30 participating countries for a month, allowing young Europeans to experience their country hands-on.

But nothing in Europe is ever simple:

The idea is currently being ground to death in the mills of the Parliament:

Demnach will die Kommission aus dem kostenlosen Interrail-Ticket ein Reisebudget für Schulen machen, deren Fahrten womöglich nur nach Brüssel führen sollen. Die Gründe dafür seien die hohen Kosten und der politische Widerstand in einigen EU-Ländern, die nicht ans Interrail-Netz Europas angeschlossen sind.

(“The commission considers to change the idea of a free InterRail Ticket into a travel budget for schools, which can be used to finance travels of classes, but only to Brussels. The reasons given are the high cost of the ticket, and political opposition from countries not participating in the european InterRail network.”)

reports Die Zeit. That would of course kill the idea behind the proposal quite effectively.

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