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Netflix vs. IP v6

Netflix detects a tunnel

So in order to view Netflix, your network connection must be direct and not via a proxy or VPN tunnel.

Netflix, being somewhat modern, also advertises IP v6 services and AAAA DNS records so that your computer can find them.

On the other hand, many providers do not offer IP v6 natively, and hence require that customers who want non-legacy internet get it via – right – a network tunnel.

Which triggers the Netflix error message shown above.

Netflix knows that, but offers little support besides “Don’t use a tunnel, then”. Haha. So this article explains how to unfuck Networking for a local Linux or a Chromecast to make Netflix work again. Even if that just means to force it to fall back to l;egacy Internet instead.

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  1. Juergen

    Sixxs-Tunnels don’t seem to be a problem – my Tunnel ends with Speednet in Düsseldorf, and I have no issues…

  2. Volker

    PSA: Piratebay hat jetzt auch .onion (gut, löst nur einen kleinen Teil des Problems).

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